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This poor soul's once in a lifetime photo with Coach Cal was ruined by some guy in the background. Ruined! Notes. --- Adam Zagoria tweeted this afternoon that he has confirmation that Marquis Teague, Terrence Jones, and Anthony Davis will enter the draft, but he isn't so sure about Doron Lamb. Lamb's father told Zagoria he doesn't know if Doron will come out or not. That's good to hear as a Kentucky fan, but don't get too excited. Nearly everyone on Earth believes Lamb is gone. --- Expect to hear an announcement from all five UK underclassmen on their decisions soon. They should announce sometime this week and we expect all five of them to do it together in one press conference. --- Did you see #L1C4 at the Boston Marathon??!! Wesley Korrir, a former UofL runner and current Louisville resident, won the Boston Marathon with a time of 2 hours, 12 minutes, and 40 seconds. Louisville first, Cards forever! Finally! It fits! --- Speaking of Louisville guys who ran quickly through Boston, Rick Pitino played in a Pro-Am golf tournament over the weekend and he got mixed up when talking about his playing partner after the round. In an interview with the Golf Channel, Pitino referred to pro golfer Kenny Perry as Kenny Payne, Kentucky's assistant basketball coach. Some are speculating that Payne is an option to replace Pitino Jr. at Louisville, which won't happen, so this could be Rick's way of pretending he and Kenny Payne are partners. --- On a similar note, Rick Pitino was wearing what Adam Lefkoe called "a serious bandage" over his left ear today. Pitino said he suffered a golfing injury over the weekend. Mmmmkay. --- And in NBA news, Daniel Orton had career highs last night in minutes (29), points (11), rebounds (4). steals (5), and blocked shots (3). Were we too quick to judge his future in the NBA??? Did we sleep on him too early??? Orton isn't calling it quits yet. --- On today's radio show, Matt recapped his journey through Kentucky with the coaching staff and the NCAA trophy. Have a listen for all the behind-the-scenes stories...

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