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Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
wallharis That was a great win last night. Championship teams win games like that one, as they overcome difficult times on the road and find a way to get the victory. You can quibble with various parts of the game, but you cant quibble with this...a huge win and another notch towards a #1 seed. Some notes: --- My #1 story of the game was the tremendous play from Patrick Patterson. We have been waiting to see that breakout game finally come for the man they call Black Kool-Aid, and there it was. Patrick was a force underneath all night and most importantly, hit the big shot to tie the game in regulation. While I would still like to see more plays run through Pat, he got his all night and the team was better for it. He is now just 5 points 30 rebounds from getting in the Top 20 in both points and rebounds in UK history. Only seven players are in both: Dan Issel, Kenny Walker, Cliff Hagan, Johnny Cox, CottonNash, Tayshaun Prince and Melvin Turpin....pretty solid company. --- If there was ever an authoritative answer given to fan harassment, Demarcus Cousins gave it to Starkville last night. Another tremendous game for Boogie and much to his credit, he kept his composure when it would have been easy to act otherwise. One of Mississippi State's fat balding players refused to shake his hand afterwards (likely to savor the residue from his glazed doughnut he had just finished), but other than that Cousins had few bumps. His "call me" picture after an early dunk is already legendary and his game will be one that he remembers for some time. And to those surprised by the fans throwing things on the court late....this is the same group that called with racist taunts before the game...are we really shocked? --- It becomes a bit of a broken record to mention all the absurd writings of Pat Forde and their continued anti-Kentucky and Calipari themes, but there is another Forde effort today. The latest focuses primarily on Mississippi State fan behavior but also questions calls against the Bulldogs late, uses "allegedly" when talking about the phone calls to Cousins while totally accepting the charge from "sportswriters" that UK players taunted the crowd before the game, and in general does Forde-type work. When there is a negative for Calipari or his team, make a big deal about it...when there is a positive, switch to a different subject. At this point he is beyond absurd, and I will say that I have now heard MANY sportswriters, both local and national, who are absolutely shocked by the way he has been in recent months. One person who classifies himself as a friend of Forde said to me last week, "The Pat Forde I know and really respect is not the Pat Forde that writes about Calipari and UK." Enough said. --- We leave tonight on our College Basketball Road Trip for, for which we will be going to 10 games in 11 days, and blogging about the whole experience. We will have more on specifics later tonight, including a special guest we have to help us with the KSR blog while we are gone. But for now the schedule is below and if you have questions, comments, thoughts or would just like to hang out somewhere along the way, write us at [email protected] Drew, Tomlin and I leave tomorrow and Beisner joins later. It should be absurd. Thursday: Pitt vs Marquette Friday: Old Dominion vs Northern Iowa Saturday: Siena vs Butler Sunday: Ohio State vs Michigan Sttae Monday: Oklahoma vs Kansas Tuesday: Visit Kentucky program Wednesday: Florida State vs UNC Thursday: Murray STate vs Morehead State Friday: Princeton vs Cornell Saturday: Villanova vs Syracuse Sunday: Duke vs Virginia More all day.....

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