UK "poking around" with Lyles before his decommitment

Drew Franklinabout 9 years


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ESPN's No. 7 overall player from the class of 2014, Trey Lyles, decommitted from Indiana yesterday in a somewhat surprising announcement. Lyles lives just 45 minutes away from Assembly Hall and he gave a verbal to the Hoosiers in September of 2010 prior to his freshman season of basketball. But now he's opened things back up and he's listening to all schools. According to Jeff Goodman, Kentucky was talking to Lyles prior to his decommitment. The man who refuses to accept generosity at Hooters tweeted, "Keep hearing that Syracuse & Kentucky had been poking around with Trey Lyles prior to his de-commitment from IU." That doesn't mean Kentucky is a new leader, though. In an interview with Dave Telep, Trey Lyles' father didn't even mention the Cats when asked about potential destinations. “The schools that he’s mentioned the North Carolina’s, Duke’s, UCLA’s, Syracuse places like that is what he’s mentioned but I would say his main one might be North Carolina or Duke,” Tom Lyles told ESPN. “Trey’s mentioned Georgetown too.” It'll likely be a while before Lyles makes any kind of a decision, but I love the possibility of Calipari taking one, especially a future star, from Indiana. I've been thinking about it a lot. A whole lot.  

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