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walker Couple of Notes on the Vandy Pregame: --- John Calipari was fairly open about his thoughts concerning the players and the stories for the week. He said he told Patrick Patterson to remember that the folks who were criticizing him and the team were the "crazy 1%" of the fanbase and to not let that get to him poorly. He also said the only way to avoid such criticism is to get rid of Facebook. He commented that he thought John Wall "hurt" the Cats against South Carolina and that it was his worst game of the year. Finally, he addressed the Demarcus Cousins incident and said he believed an apology should have been given by the SC reporter, as the video showed no punch being given. --- Patrick Patterson spoke to the media and did repeat his frustration at the small group of fans for doing a "180" on their support for the team after the loss. He did say however that he thought it was a small group who felt that way. --- On a similar note, Patrick Patterson's mother Tywanna wrote me today to say that she was thrilled by the substantially more positive comments in number that have been sent her and her son's way since the original story broke. She said she and Patrick were both very pleased with how many fans had written to express support and to apologize for the actions of other fans. --- Finally, TCP's Matt May had a note in his review of events that Demarcus Cousins does a mean Antoine Walker impersonation that he showed off to the media. It involves hiking up his shorts, shooting a three and doing a shimmy afterwards. I love that on a lot of levels, mostly however because it is an acknowledgement of the UK past and it showcases Cousins' great personality. I only wish I had seen it. And oh yes, Antoine "People ask me why I always shoot so many threes....because there arent any fours" always gives good memories. If you want to see the videos of all the interviews, click on Tom Leach's site

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