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Every summer we hear of big name blowing up on the AAU circuit. From Hunter McClintock Shabazz Muhammad to Anthony Davis, a different player wows people during their summer games and causes a lot of buzz. Some, like Shabazz, were already big time names who solidified their elite status but showing out. Others, like Davis, were nobodies until they sprouted up to become the best of the best. Others show up on the radar out of nowhere... Meet Kentan Facey, a hot name on the recruiting circuit who is now being recruited by UK. Kentan is what Adam Zagoria labels a 'face-up four' who can rebound. He also shares the same first four letters in his name as "Kentucky", and that makes him alright by me. Depending on what heels he pick out that day, he is a 6'8 or 6'9 PF in the class of 2013. Facey hails from Long Island Lutheran (N.Y.) and wowed people at the LeBron James Skills Academy and Indianapolis. Zagoria quotes Kentan: “So far I’ve been playing a lot better and I have more confidence than what I was before,” Facey, a native of Jamaica who has been in the U.S. for about two years, told Wednesday on his way to Philly. “That’s the major difference right now, just a lot of confidence.” Facey claims to be wide open, but his coach said this rising senior holds offers from UCLA, USC, Pittsburgh, Memphis, Louisville, St. John’s, UConn, Providence, Rhode Island and VCU. Texas, Indiana and West Virginia have shown interest, and now Kentucky is doing the same. How serious is this recruitment? It is a bit early to tell, but Calipari is known for keeping contact with dozens of recruits and only offering a few. Cal is too good of a recruiter to let a new player explode on the scene and not show him interest. The recruiting game is touch-and-go with UK these days because there are only so many offers to hand out compared to the amount of kids who would accept and commit on the spot. More than likely, this is Cal playing it close to the vest and getting a foot in the door. He will probably keep an eye on Kentan, and Kentan will keep his recruitment open so long as he thinks a UK offer may come in the future. I like it. Also, Louisville recently offered Facey, and you know that we love to mess around with their recruiting when they think they have a kid locked up (read: Marquis Teague). Only time will tell with this one, as UK is in on all the elite kids in this class. Stay tuned while we search the interwebs for decent YouTube videos of this kid. Early reports look like some sort of C.J. Leslie/Chris Walker hybrid.

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