UK Softball Coach Rachel Lawson previews Super Regional against No. 3 Alabama

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[caption id="attachment_352301" align="alignnone" width="2048"] (UK Athletics)[/caption] After winning the Lexington Regional, the 14th seeded UK Softball team will head to Tuscaloosa to take on No. 3 seed Alabama for a chance at the College World Series. Kentucky has only made the World Series one time, back in 2014, when they were also a 14-seed that defeated a 3rd seeded UCLA team. This time, the Super Regional comes against an experienced, familiar foe. Kentucky head coach Rachel Lawson spoke with the media Thursday morning to discuss the upcoming best-of-three series vs. the Crimson Tide. The No. 1 advantage Lawson pointed out for the Tide was that they are a "very veteran team." There are "only two players in their starting lineup that aren't seniors or super-seniors," said Lawson. Super-seniors as in seniors from last season who opted to use their additional year of eligibility. Kentucky doesn't have nearly the same amount of experience, especially in the postseason as 'Bama. "You have the exact opposite with us. We only have two players returning in the starting lineup." Lawson also noted that long-time Alabama head coach Patrick Murphy is one of the best in the country, and for him, she said: "It starts with his ability to market his program. He was one of the first coaches who really understood that you need to fill a stadium, you need a crowd behind you." Lawson went on to detail just how impressive Alabama's softball fanbase is, how knowledgeable and supportive they are, and of course, how huge the following is for their program down there. She mentioned at the top how tough the crowd of possibly 3,500+ will be this weekend--the first time this year's Kentucky team will face a crowd this large. "It's gonna be the first time we've played in a full capacity, and if you've ever watched a game of ours down in Tuscaloosa, you know it's gonna be a straight-on full capacity. It'll be a packed house full of softball fans." Based on Lawson's comments, it's safe to say Kentucky is facing a monumental challenge in Tuscaloosa this weekend. They'll be underdogs for sure, and the young 'Cats will need to be at their best to pull off the upset and advance to the World Series. The first game begins Friday at 1 p.m. and will be aired on ESPN2. Let's Go Cats!

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