UK Softball Regional vs Utah LIVE Blog
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UK Softball Regional vs Utah LIVE Blog

Kory Henryover 5 years


Article written by:Kory HenryKory Henry


[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Welcome to today's LIVE UK softball blog, as the Cats are set to take on Utah in the Lexington Regional. Kentucky will have to defeat Utah twice this evening, in order to advance to a Super Regional next week. Join us here at KSR, as we continue to update all the happenings of today's games. Play Ball![/caption] 3:37-  GAME game There will be a 35-minute break before the grudge match begins.  The winner will be crowned Regional Champion. 3:28-  WOW.  Katie Reed's diving stop at second gets the first out of the inning.  There's a runner on second, but Reed's big play ensures that the Utes aren't getting away with anything easy in the final inning. 3:21-  The Cats strand two, but they only need three outs to get the win. 3:15-  Silver Samuels reached on another error.  They just can't contain the slap.  Nice try... high-five-fail 3:09-  Nunley got the job done because she's a BOSS.  Three outs left as we go to the top of the seventh. 3:06-  The games tend to flow, but we've got a hiccup right here after the HBP.  It's time to bring in SEC pitcher of the year, Kelsey Nunley, to close out the game.  She's kind of a big deal. 2:57-  It feels so good to be really putting it to Utah's pitcher, Viramontes, or as I like to call her, Monte Cristo.  Her windup is so tight and powerful, you get so much satisfaction when a Wildcat ropes one down the line.  They didn't do it last inning, but if the Cats can get six more outs, we're playing another game. 2:52 (Roush)  i'm-back-independence-day 2:48 -  Alrighty folks.  It's been a fun morning, hopefully the Cats can get both wins today. I'll still be watching. Roush is taking over the LIVE blog now. Go Cats! 2:47 -  Cats wrap up the 5th inning. Still Cats 4-0. 2:45 -  Urtez is able to get a base hit, Utah with a runner on 1st. 2 outs. 2:43 -  Another ground out to the shortstop, Cats get 2 quick outs. 1 more to go before picking up the bats again. 2:43 -  First up to bat for Utah, Fronda grounds outs. 2:40 -  Hinz strikes out, so we'll head to the bottom of the 5th. Cats up 4-0. 2:39 -  Wild pitch from Viramontez, both runners advance. Cats now on 2nd and 3rd. 2:36 -  Jenny Schaper gets another hit, Cats now on 1st and 2nd with 2 outs. 2:35 -  Following her Home Run, Abbey Cheek is struck out swinging this time by Viramontes. 2 outs for the Cats with a runner on 1st. 2:34 -  Another single for Sagermann, putting her 2 for 3 on the day. Only 1 out. 2:32 -  Reed is thrown out at 2nd trying to steal. Good attempt though. 2:30 -  The Cats have a runner on 1st. Reed is walked by Viramontes. 2:25 -  Great crowd, great weather!   2:24 -  D. Pacheco grounds out to first, Cats retire the 4th inning. 2:22 - S. Pacheco gets another single for Utah, Utes now have runners on 1st and 2nd. Still 2 outs. 2:19 -  Hilburn singles up the middle. Utah now with 1 runner on 1st with 2 outs. 2:18 -  Utah's Bowen grounds out to the shortstop, 2 outs. 2:17 -  Prince with another strikeout! Utah has 1 out.  2:13 -  Samuel smacks one to 2nd base, but Utah is able to throw her out at 1st. Heading to the bottom of the 4th. Cats winning 4-0. 2:11 -  Steed gets one to sneak thru the left side for a single, Rethlake gets to 2nd base. 2 outs with 2 runners still on base. 2:10 -  Christian Stokes flies out to center field. 2:08 -  Sacrifice bunt by Ray, she gets on at 1st but Rainwater is thrown out at 2nd. 1 out for the Cats. 2:06 - Hinz gets walked, Rainwater in as pinch runner. 1:59 -  Prince and the Cats get the 3rd out, time to get some more runs! 1:56 -  Utah's Fronda flies-out. Cats have 1 down. 1:53 -  What an inning from the Cats! Best so far of the tournament, scoring 4 runs. 1:50 -  Abbey Cheek drills one over the wall for a home run. Brings Sagermann in as well. Cats up 4-0! 1:50 -  HOME RUN!!!!! 1:49 -  CATS SCORE AGAIN, fly ball falls in by Sagermann, Samuel narrowly scores at home! 1:48 -  Vince Marrow is at the game....   1:47 -  Following the error by Viramontes, Cats still have a runner on 2nd, now with 2 outs following a pop-up by Reed. 1:44 - CATS SCORE! Wild throw to 1st by Utah brings Stokes home. UK up 1-0! 1:43 -  Sacrifice bunt by Steed gets 2nd. 1:42 -  Christian Stokes is walked, Cats have a runner on 1st. 1:40 - Beautiful day at John Cropp Stadium 1:36 -  Prince gets her first strikeout of the game. End of the 2nd inning. Cats up to bat. 1:34 -  Another sac bunt thrown out, Utah runners get to 2nd and 3rd. 2 outs. 1:32 -  Change of the call, Hilburn is now safe at 1st. Home crowd not happy at all! 1:31 -  Utah's Hilburn called out at 1st, 2 outs now. 1:29 -  After a walk, the Cats tag-out a sacrifice bunt, Utah runner gets to 2nd base. 1 out. 1:27 -  Dave Baker continues to call UK pitcher Megan Prince....Dale Earnhardt? 1:23 -  Utah coming back up to bat after Breanne Ray grounds out to 1st. 1:22 -  Brooklin Hinz hits a single down the left-hand side, gets UK's first base hit! 1:21 -  UK's Cheek and Schaper ground out to 2nd. UK has 2 outs. 1:17 - After two hits, Utah's Castro grounds out to end the 1st inning. Cats 4 5 6 up to bat. 1:16 - After a force out at third, UK throws out a steal attempt at 3rd. 2 outs. 1 to go. 1:14 -  Another single for Utah. Low flying ball falls into left field. 2 runners at 1st and 2nd now. 1:12 -  Utah's Fonda gets on base with the first hit of the game. 1:09 -  3 straight strikeouts for the Cats, they'll take the field for the first time today. 1:05 -  Slight delay by ESPN 3 on getting the game up. UK up to bat first... 1:00 -  What's up, BBN! To start off today's LIVE blog, here's the starting lineup for your UK Women's Softball team.

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