UK-UL Game is Just What The Doctor Ordered

The Kentucky-Louisville game couldn't come at a better time. After the Cats got taken to the woodshed last Saturday, it seems that the vast majority of Big Blue Nation is doing anything and everything to keep their minds off basketball. Fear not Kentucky fans as Saturday could help give this season a complete 180 and could be just what the Doctor ordered. What could be better than a chance to beat your undefeated #4 nationally ranked nemisis after a pulverizing loss? It has been widely speculated that Louisville wants to run with the Cats and if the Cards feel the urge to run then that can only benefit a post deficient Wildcat team. Prior to last Saturday, this was perhaps the best 3 pt shooting team since Tubby's tenure and Kentucky has flexed this offensive muscle only once - against WVU when the Cats ran the floor quite well offensively. Don't expect poor shooting like we witnessed last week, just erase it out of your mind(hopefully the Cats will too) because it will not happen. There is a better chance that I will wed Eva Longoria than there is for the Cats to shoot 2-27 from beyond the arc. This season is NOT over and there is still plenty of basketball to play. Every year it seems that there is usually a slow start and an alarmed fanbase. While I can see a reason to press the panick button after the loss to IU, there is no reason to say the season is a wash. We should have recognized by now that you just never know when Tubby's teams are likely to jell. These guys could mesh when you least expect it and why not on Saturday? A win gives us some confidence, some optimism about the season, and we can't forget the state bragging rights over our rival. All this and not to mention the fuel that it gives a team that is desperately seeking a form of redemption; However, if we lose......nah, forget it We WILL NOT LOSE.

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