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So how is that University of Louisville football program doing these days? If you were wondering about fan interest, check out what the LCJ is reporting:


On Sunday, the University of Louisville will begin offering four-game football ticket packages of the opener against Kentucky, Eastern Kentucky, Connecticut, and South Florida for $149. U of L will offer 500 of the packages.


Alow me a moment for some childish laughter, will you? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This is something you see single A baseball teams doing to generate ticket sales not major college football programs that love to brag about their Orange Bowl appearance. What's next? Dollar beer night and water balloon toss competitions for the kids? Goodness how the mighty have fallen.


For you UK fans that feel like buying one ticket and some kindling for $149, the relevant contact information is below: -Tickets are on sale at Pizza Stadium from noon-2:30p.m. Sunday. -Starting at 9a.m. Monday (They must be assuming they won't sell out on Sunday) you can also call and purchase the package at (502) 852-7254, 852-3706, 852-4984 or 852-4983.


On a different note, UK did have a closed practice today. According to the AP, the QB competition is still too close to call. Quelle surprise. Joker reports that he needs at least one more week before he names Mike Hartline the QB he makes a final decision. Also, with practice comes injury. Junior wide receiver Gene McCaskill suffered a knee injury and freshman running back Miles Simpson sustained an ankle injury. The extent of both injuries will be more clear tomorrow.


Well boys and girls, unless Matt and the crew are going to post on all the shenanigans and exploits in Canada, consider this your late night entry. Feel free to make fun of the Cardinals packaging their premier game with CONFERENCE GAMES just so they can sell some ducats (Epic term use from Van Smack) or opine about the QB situation or DeAndre Liggins or even make fun of Will Lentz's haircut. It is all good. Thanks for sticking around with me today and get pumped for the game tomorrow. Matt and the crew will be around to report on any and all things north of the border. Go Cats.

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