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uk vs msu football


Ok, time for some chat room action. UK is down in Starkville to take on the Bulldogs. I believe, if my sources are correct, that the visiting team has won this match-up the last 4 times these teams have met. Of course, my source is an absolutely hammered TJ Beisner so take that for what it is worth (the man likes his Appletinis, what can I say?).


I haven't had much to say about this game (Really, Johns? I didn't notice with the 3 straight NBA posts and the Dish Network post.) today because. . .I'll be honest. It makes me a little nervous. This game determines our season. I'm not nearly as confident about wins against UT and Vandy so that makes a win here pivotal. We should win this game. We really should. I think we are better than MSU and it would be huge for Joker to notch a road win of this caliber. These 'last stand' games can be agony for a football fan and I just hope my confidence isn't misplaced. That said: Wildcats by 2. I smell a safety somewhere in this game.


See you people on the other side of a win. Let's get it on.


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Create a Meebo Chat Room


Create a Meebo Chat Room


I'm reposting the chatrooms I used for the Louisville game so you guys can scroll back and look at all the comments you made a couple of months back. Some are pretty funny. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWW. . .SSSEEEE. . .AAAYYY . . .TEEEE . . .ESSSS. . . CATS CATS CATS!

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