UMASS Pregame and Open Game Thread

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
Its time for a rematch of the great 1996 Final Four matchup between the Cats and Minutemen!!!! Of course things have changed a bit in the past decade....Rick Pitino is down in Louisville, John Calipari is runnin and gunnin at Memphis, Marcus Camby is getting hurt in Denver, Antoine Walker is chucking up threes (oh wait that is the same)......but one thing has stayed the same. Bill Keightley is still smiling at the end of the bench. I expect tonight's game to be a battle most of the way through and UMASS to have the lead at various points....but in the end, I see the Cats winning by seven. What do you see.....and if you havent heard my story about my friend DJ and Travis Ford attempting to sign his Foot Locker backboard, you need to listen to Episode 17.....and while you are at it, listen to Episode 18 with Billy Packer!!!! One more thing. If you read the Courier Journal today (do people still read newspapers?), you likely saw a mention of this here website as the "Sports Web site" that mentioned that Earl Clark would be transferring. The story of course was meant to refute our mention of Clark (thereby showing that the internet moves the news now, not vice versa). I will say that we never said that Clark WOULD be transferring, just that our source said he MAY transfer. And we stick by that. And if you dont think Rick Pitino knows the potential truth of that, ask yourself why Clark played 20 minutes last game and Pitino today said it was a priority to play him more. Anyway, back to UMASS. Get your picks going, and if you are the Bowl Pick Em, scroll down and make your next five games' selections....

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