UNC released its Notice of Allegations

UNC released its Notice of Allegations

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 6 years


unc-f It's been a few weeks since North Carolina received its Notice of Allegations (NOA) from the NCAA and today, they finally released it to the public. The document is LONG and pretty boring, but in short, the NCAA charged UNC with five Level I violations connected to the academic fraud scandal, including a lack of institutional control. Level I violations are described by the NCAA as a "severe breach of conduct." The charges include providing improper benefits in the form of counselors making "special arrangements" with staffers for athletes enrolled in classes in the African/Afro-American Studies department. The women's basketball team was mentioned specifically, while personnel from both the men's basketball and football teams were not singled out. Roy Williams was mentioned once in reference to an interview he did with the NCAA. UNC has until August 20th to respond to the NOA. Roy Williams could not be reached for comment, but his alter ego Daggum Roy had this to day: https://twitter.com/DaggumRoy/status/606511785399721984 To read the whole NOA yourself, click here.

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