Uncle Julius Wants His Teammates to Fight

Kristen Geilover 8 years


Aritcle written by:Kristen GeilKristen Geil
    Further adding to his reputation as the wizened old statesman on this Kentucky team, Jarvis Julius Mays had something to say in the post game press conference today:   
If you are gonna use Nerlens as an excuse not to fight, then don't come out and play with us. I am going to speak up and hold people accountable. And if they don't want to be a part of it, then don't.
  As one of the two players who actually fought this afternoon according to Cal, it looks like it's high time for Mays to step up and accept the leadership role that Noel's void has offered. The best way to start? Trying to get through to the "uncoachable" players on the team and light a fire under their a*****. Listen to your elder, kids.

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