Univerisity of Louisville to Move to Illinois?

Will Lentzalmost 12 years


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I have to be honest for a minute here.  When the University of Louisville dumped Steve “possibly the best UK coaching hire this decade” Kragthorpe for Charlie Strong, a little bit of me was happy.  It’s just not as much fun if your rivals fan base is consistently depressed, you know?  Talking to Louisville fans was beginning to feel like watching the kid from Boy Meets World see his dog get run over every Saturday (and Thursdays, you know, for their ‘big’ games.) I’m not saying I want Louisville to be good, per se, but you want them to think they can win before you destroy them. Otherwise, how do you get to see that utter look of failure on their faces?  You don’t, you simply don’t.

So, with that small upswing in the Louisville football program this news probably won’t sting as much.  But pick your favorite Card fan and show it to them anyways and watch their eyes.  For a second you’ll see that flare of anger before they lower their Kanye West shades and mutter something about Charlie Strong.  Apparently Ron Zook is trying to recreate the Cardinal Offense that was so effective in the mid 2000’s, up at Illinois.

According to Adam Rittenberg over at ESPN, Zook has hired three former UL offensive assistants in what could be the biggest success or the biggest failure of Ol’ Ronnies generally mediocre career.  Like it or not, those Card offenses were pretty scary, even if there is no way they would’ve held up against an SEC defense.  Fortunately for Zook, they’re playing in the Big Ten plus One, where no ones offense can hold up against an SEC defense.  Or SEC offense.  Or SEC special teams.  Or SEC hostesses.

Which all brings us to the next logical conclusion.  Why don’t we see this more often in football?  Recreating the best parts of decent teams? And when will someone reunite the Kraggy Bunch?

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