Unnecessary headlines to wake up to

Unnecessary headlines to wake up to

Courtney Hesslerover 6 years


Aritcle written by:Courtney HesslerCourtney Hessler
[caption id="attachment_179760" align="alignnone" width="600"]urgh (h/t @sirtomthegreat1)[/caption] This is probably the best example. It should be noted that it is uncommon in the news industry for a reporter to give their own headline, so I will cut Billy a little slack. In this instance, the bark is much worse than the bite. The bark is the headline. Simply put, Reed compares the two sports and the probability of perfection. Example, college basketball has gone two years longer without perfection than racing has gone without a Triple Crown horse. It is actually a good piece reflecting the great horses from racing history. Of course, that is until he gets to the last sentence where he can't but resist bringing up Kentucky 40-0 shirts. Really, Billy? Really?  (h/t Wave3.com)

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