UofL could learn a thing or two from a German high school

UofL could learn a thing or two from a German high school

Drew Franklinabout 4 years


Aritcle written by:Drew FranklinDrew Franklin


A Berlin school is making changes to its campus and the University of Louisville should take notes. Französisches Gymnasium Berlin, a high school in Germany's capital city, is building an anti-prostitute fence to separate its students from the hookers that parade the surrounding area. The school saw a collection of discarded condoms on its grounds before the administration decided to build the wall. The district school inspector said that, similar to the troubles at UofL, "There were always complaints about unscrupulous characters including prostitutes walking shamelessly and illegally into school grounds." The only difference between the two schools, as far as I can tell, is: the German prostitutes were not provided to the students by a school employee, as they were at Louisville; the German prostitutes wandered onto campus on their own from the city's street prostitution scene. It's also very unlikely the prostitution will have an effect on Französisches Gymnasium's basketball records. Berlin school installs anti-prostitute fence

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