UofL Doesn't Want Basketball Sex Scandal Records Released, So They're Suing

UofL Doesn't Want Basketball Sex Scandal Records Released, So They're Suing

Nick Roushabout 5 years


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uofl The University of Louisville is trying to hide their malfeasance?  Shocker. The Kentucky Center of Investigative Reporting discovered UofL is taking legal action to prevent the Attorney General from coercing them to release the public records of the investigation into the UofL basketball sex scandal. Unfortunately, the best example to explain this situation is to use the University of Kentucky as an example.  The Attorney General ruled UK must release records requested by the Kentucky Kernel involving a professor's alleged sexual assault.  UK fought it by filing suit against the student newspaper.  In the process, the administration and President looked like fools. UofL is in a similar situation.  Peter Hasselbacher, a blogger who normally runs the Kentucky Health Policy Institute, filed a request for the open records used in the investigation of the sex scandal the day after James Ramsey announced a postseason ban.  Even though UofL tried to deny the request by arguing Chuck Smrt wasn't under the umbrella of Kentucky's open records law, the state's Attorney General ruled on September 1 that UofL illegally withheld the documents. In order to combat the Attorney General's ruling and keep the documents of the investigation under wraps, they have filed a lawsuit (that you can read in its entirety here). They always say the cover up is worse than the crime.  The "crime" was bad, the attempted "cover up" makes them look worse.  I can't think of a reason why they'd try to cover up something that's already been published on Outside the Lines...unless what's in those records is even worse. [Kentucky CIR]

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