USA Today Says UC Exposed Kentucky

Bobby Reaganover 6 years


Aritcle written by:Bobby ReaganBobby Reagan
The USA Today is a well-known paper. USA Today is a well-known paper who doesn't know much about college basketball. The latest proof is from Nancy Armour, who said Cincinnati exposed Kentucky and provided a blueprint on how to beat the Wildcats. Yes, Nancy, they sure showed the country how to lose to Kentucky by 13 points. Armour, like most people who haven't really watched Kentucky this season, went with the pathetic approach of saying a team that plays physical and pushes the Wildcats around will beat them. Louisville? Kentucky won. Most of the SEC games? Kentucky won. Cincinnati? Kentucky won. Matt tweeted out the exact way to beat Kentucky: Our good friend Nancy goes on to say that playing a team like Arizona and Wisconsin, if they play physical, will beat Kentucky. Well, Wisconsin doesn't play physical. They play a bunch of guards and stretch the floor and beat you with smart plays. They have the best chance to beat Kentucky because Frank Kaminsky can pull Karl/Willie away from the hoop and they are a strong shooting team. Oh, she also mentions if the game isn't in Rupp Arena West, the game likely wouldn't go to Kentucky. I guess she doesn't realize Big Blue Nation travels everywhere and all the rounds are within a five hour drive of Lexington. Just facts I guess.

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