USA Today's Compass Bowl Preview

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It's time to get our football mentality back as the BBBBVBVVA Compass Bowl is only 48 hours away.  One way to do so is to go read USA Today's preview of the bowl game. The United States' widest circulating newspaper (yes, some newspaper are still relevant) predicts a 24-17 victory for our Wildcats.  I'm assuming this prediction is for the football contest, and not the dougie contest which Kentucky won outright last night thanks to "ya boy Aaron Boyd doing his thing."  Also, the article is a little heavy on the statistics so keep a calculator handy. Check back tomorrow afternoon for KSR's official Compass Bowl preview.  It'll be very similar to USA Today's but a lot more awesomer.  Until then, keep wearing that Randall Cobb jersey while you wait for DeAndre Daniels news. Go Cats?

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