USA Today's Jason Jordan on Julius Randle

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Geeked! No writer on the planet has more access to Julius Randle than USA Today's Jason Jordan, so we asked him to join us on the radio show this morning to discuss Randle's recruitment. He accepted our invitation and had a lot of great things to say: Jordan opened things up by saying Kentucky is in great position with the nation's No. 1 recruit. Texas, North Carolina and Duke are right up there with the Cats to round out his current top 4. Rick Barnes? Yes. Rick Barnes. He also talked about Cal's visit to Randle's home and how he was the only coach to show up with a driver. Matt asked if Cal's driver wore a hat -- a fair question, right? -- and he said, "I think he did have a hat. I'm not completely sure, but I'm 99% sure he had a hat." Jordan also said Randle was "geeked" about meeting Drake in Lexington and Jay-Z is his favorite rapper. That's good to know, considering Calipari showed off photos with the two rappers during the in-home visit. To close the show, Matt asked Jordan who he would bet on if he were in Vegas and had to make a play on what school Randle would choose. "Awwwww man, if I had to pick," Jordan said. "I'm going with Kentucky."   We'll have the podcast after the show.  

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