Vanderbilt gets rid of football coach after 1 season

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Robbie Caldwell was probably the most entertaining coach in the SEC.  His presser at the SEC Media Days was anointed maybe the best interview in SEC history.  But, Caldwell only won 2 games in his first year at the helm, and thus Vandy has tossed him as head coach.  Technically, it is being called a resignation, but as the article points out, Vandy forced him out.  Essentially, Caldwell was an extension of Bobby Johnson, who bolted just before the season.  And clearly, the Vandy administration thought things were not going in the right direction with either. Now, Kentucky is headed to a bowl, so lets not act like UK is in the same position as Vanderbilt.  But, we too have a coach who is just an extension of the previous coach.  And if this season has taught me anything, it's that the program has stagnated, period.  Understand me, I am talking about the end of Brooks era too.  There was no progress made this year.  If anything, a 6 win regular season is a step back.  And worst of all, a football program that seemed to gain interest from its fanbase in the Andre Woodson era now seems to have lost interest again.  Ultra-conservative play calling, and underwhelming effort and results have pretty much depleted any momentum the program has made.  So, the question has to be asked: Is the program headed in the right direction?  Is the program making progress, like Arkansas is right now?  Or are we closer to Vanderbilt? Perfect Example from Yesterday 4th and 3 at LSU 39 with 14:19 left in 4th quarter.  Arkansas up 21-20.  Petrino chooses to go for it, and Arkansas throws a touchdown pass.  Arkansas now 10-2, possibly headed to BCS Bowl. 4th and 2 at UT 37 with 13:00 left in 4th quarter.  Kentucky down 21-14.  Phillips chooses to punt.  UT comes down and ices game with field goal.  Kentucky now 6-6, headed to lame bowl. To me, Arkansas should not have any advantgae over Kentucky.  Not a state with anymore talent than Kentucky.  Not a history that is much better than Kentucky.  Basically, the same limitations that UK deals with.  They are headed to the Sugar Bowl.  Where is Kentucky headed?

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