Vanderbilt Kind of Night

Vanderbilt Kind of Night

Matt Jonesalmost 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
rewrwrw A big road game is on the horizon tonight as the Cats take on the Vanderbilt Commodores in a huge SEC clash. For the Cats, this is one of two SEC games remaining where they will be the underdog and finding a way to win on the road would make the NCAA Tournament more than just a possibility, it would make it a probability. As for Vanderbilt, they played 6 of their first 9 on the road in the SEC and stand 5-4. Win tonight and a good SEC finish is still very much possible. The Cats have never had a great deal of luck in Nashville in recent years and tonight will be a very loud night in Memorial Coliseum. Jodie Meeks may see a little time, but once again it will be the Big Three of Crawford, Bradley and Patterson that will decide what the Cats are able to accomplish. Will Perdue (pictured above) may no longer be manning the middle with his size 22 shoes, but AJ Ogilvy will be hoping to make up for his less than stellar performance in Rupp. Unfortunately I like Vandy tonight....the Cats have not been able to stop the road run....against Florida, Mississippi State and even Georgia, the home team has gone on a big run that the Cats couldnt stop. That is the key tonight....seeing that run and nipping it in the bud. Do that and they win...dont do it and Vandy wins by 6, 77-71, which is my prediction. What say you? Use this thread to predict and chat it up....

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