Vandy Fans Ready To Hang a Banner

Matt Jonesabout 9 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
Everyone has a different measure for success in life. For some, only making a million dollar deal, scoring 30 on the Oklahoma City Thunder or going to #1 on iTunes constitutes a successful day. For others, simply getting out of bed, rolling to McDonald's on campus and not having a homeless man fart on you is cause for celebration. For Kentucky basketball, we measure our success with Final Fours and National Championships. But not every team is quite that lucky. Take Vanderbilt...a nice, solid SEC program that has taken a different measurement to basketball glory. They are very excited to hang their SEC TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONSHIP BANNER! Yes, that is right. After winning a sleepy game in New Orleans over the eventual National Champion, Vandy fans have gone online to figure out how they will hang their banner. Ok, well it isn't very many who have gone online...actually it is just two. But they are hoping that the Commodores will hang their banner versus Kentucky and one even suggest ESPN should show it on National television. Now I have never hated Vandy..they are like your awkward, dorky cousin who has to tag along with you on your date to the movies. But this does pain me a bit. In fact, now I don't know which is worse. Is having a ceremony to hang an SEC Tourney banner worse than making a display case over a regular season game in Bloomington? I am not sure, but just to let you know, I have called CNN and demanded Anderson Cooper to be in town for when we hang our "We Beat Tennessee for the First Time in 26 years drape from the top of Commonwealth. Its all about celebrating the little things.

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