Vice Sports takes a shot at UK & UofL Football
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Vice Sports takes a shot at UK & UofL Football

Nick Roushover 5 years


Article written by:Nick RoushNick Roush


Stoops-petrino The "Pay for Play" debate with college athletes is an ongoing process.  There have been a variety of suggestions -- allowing endorsement deals, increasing cost of attendance, etc. -- but no steps have been taken to solve the problem. Instead of looking for solutions, Vice Sports put a magnifying glass on the problem.  The title of the article gets their point across: "College Coaches and Administrators are Too Busy Paying Themselves to Pay Athletes." There are a variety of  hypocrisies pointed out.  The first two are directed to Bobby Petrino and Mark Stoops. Petrino is putdown for the $500,000 academic bonus he receives each year his team meets its APR objective.  Petrino isn't as prominent within crosshairs as Tom Zurich.  Jurich doesn't think that Petrino's bonus is uncalled for.  He also doesn't think highly of paying players.
"If you pay somebody $100, somebody is going to want $200," he said. "Pay somebody $200, somebody (else) will offer $300. Agree that everyone gets $300, somebody will want $400. It's human nature. That won't change." Jurich reportedly makes a little over $1.4 million a year. Phew, thank God we're not offering people ridiculous incentives already.
Mark Stoops has another incentive that doesn't make sense to outsiders, but it kinda does for UK fans.  Stoops makes an additional $100,000 for every SEC win after his first.  With back-to-back 2-6 SEC seasons, he's made an additional $200,000. Stoops has never been against paying players, but whenever asked about the situation he's remained ambiguous.
"I realize it's very complicated. It's not as easy as just to say, 'Yeah, I'd like to pay the players,'" he said. "I mean, of course I'd like to give the players more, but I also realize that's a very complicated issue. You're getting into a lot of things that I don't have the answers for. "So would I be in favor of giving the players a little bit more money? Sure. But I would have no idea about how to go about doing that, and I don't think a lot of people do."
The Kentucky coaches weren't the only ones put on blast.  Vice calls Dabo Swinney of Clemson, Kirk Ferentz of Iowa and more in this article.

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