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Video proof that "We are everybody's Super Bowl"

Drew Franklin12/12/11


Article written by:On3 imageDrew Franklin


(Photo via KY Forward) If he's said it once, he's said it a thousand times: "We are everybody's Super Bowl." Calipari wears that line out, and he's exactly right. Other programs pull out all the stops when Kentucky comes to town -- because it's their Super Bowl. To Indiana fans, Saturday's game was the biggest game of the season and arguably the biggest game in the last ten years. Fans camped out all week, printed t-shirts, talked trash on the Internet, and brought the noise like everything was on the line -- and we commend them for that. Nice job. But to Kentucky fans, Saturday's game was just a road game on December 10 against Indiana. Yeah, we wanted to win, but we have our eyes on a bigger prize than a single game. Tell me the last time we stormed the floor in Rupp Arena. Exactly. Indiana burned the town down after beating Kentucky -- because we were their Super Bowl. Congratulations, Hoosiers. You won your Super Bowl. Now go to Holiday World.

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