Vince Marrow uses an Appetizing Analogy to Describe Recruiting Losses

Nick Roushover 2 years


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Kentucky's Big Dog on the recruiting front did not reel in every recruit he wanted to on National Signing Day.  Within a span of 15 minutes two four-star recruits, Devonta Lee and Jay Ward, picked LSU over Kentucky. Obviously, Mark Stoops and Vince Marrow wished the day would have ended differently, but Marrow will not let one day in February determine his outlook on the 2019 recruiting class. "I look at it like your Mom cooked a great dinner.  You ate in December, and now you're just waiting on the dessert. I got most of my fill in December.  If you miss on a pie or a piece of cake, I'm still good with that," Marrow said at this afternoon's press conference. Kentucky's recruiting coordinator was still able to enjoy one piece of pie this morning when MJ Devonshire committed to UK. "I don't think y'all realize how good of a player MJ is in high school.  He's a good basketball player.  He's kind of like Lynn Bowden a little bit on offense," said Marrow.  "I know we hit on a kid that has a lot of upside." The four-star cornerback from Pennsylvania is from a new recruiting territory.  Beating Penn State in the Citrus Bowl has taken UK to new heights.  They won one battle, but beating LSU is a different beast. "You're battling now with schools that are national brands.  You're going to win some, you're going to lose some.  It just so happened our luck went the other way," Marrow said.  "It didn't go our way.  Most of the time it goes our way, but I'm excited with the guys that we have." Kentucky's 2019 football recruiting class is complete with a few scholarships to spare.  Stoops may use them on players in the transfer portal or roll them over to the 2020 class. [mobile_ad]

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