Vince Marrow high on Will Levis so far in Kentucky's fall camp


We’re less than a week into Kentucky’s fall camp and Will Levis is already standing out among the quarterbacks. Yesterday, associate head coach Vince Marrow told reporters that so far, the Penn State transfer is more consistent than Joey Gatewood or Beau Allen while still delivering some “Wow” moments.

“At quarterback, all three of them are doing good things but I’m liking Will,” Marrow said. “Will’s doing some pretty good stuff.”

“More consistent but making some big throws,” Marrow said when asked how Levis is standing out. “Not saying the other two guys ain’t making good throws, but he’s making throws that, you know, I’m like, ‘Wow.’ And then you’ll turn around and Joey [Gatewood] would make a good throw but probably Will has been more consistent with the ball coming out and it’s looked pretty good. Not to say the other guys haven’t but Will has a feel for it and that scrimmage was pretty good.”

Marrow also had praise for Allen, who played in two games as a freshman last season, completing three of seven passes for 40 yards.

“I’ll tell you, I’ve also been impressed by Beau. Beau’s worked on himself and Beau’s been looking pretty good. This ain’t political stuff, this is what I see. You ain’t gonna get [political stuff] from me. But Beau is looking good but Will just seems to — really, that ball comes out from what I see.”

In 15 games over three seasons at Penn State, Levis completed 61-of-102 passes (59.8) for 644 yards and three touchdowns, with just two interceptions. Often used as a running quarterback, he also had 133 carries for 473 yards and six touchdowns. One reason Levis chose Kentucky over other schools was his connection to Liam Coen, who recruited him while he was coaching at Maine. Yesterday, Kentucky’s new offensive coordinator brushed off the notion that he favors Levis in the quarterback battle because of their prior ties.

“Really, what he’s come out and done is a testament to his work ethic and the type of kid he is and how smart he is and how he prepares. He’s doing a nice job just like those other guys, but whatever — at the end of the day if he’s the guy, he’s going to be because he earned it, not because he was handed it.”

It sure sounds like it’s heading in that direction. Here are a few of those “Wow” throws from Saturday’s open practice:

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