Virginia Tech's Tuesday News and Views

Virginia Tech's Tuesday News and Views

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techlogo.gif Sometimes stories just stick with me and I become mesmerized and cant look away. Such was the case today and tonight as I watched the continued unfolding tragedy at Virginia Tech. What is being called the single worst gun crime in the history of the United States truly left America stunned today and represents one of the more difficult stories that I have recently seen. If you are like me, you thought of the classrooms where you spent time in school and pictured yourself in the scenarios that the students in Blacksburg encountered. It is unfathomable the staggering amount of death and destruction left on what is a really beautiful and interesting campus. I have always been found of that university tracing back to my time in law school when I visited the campus. I cant imagine what the familes of the students affected are going through right now and I want to extend my prayers to them. It is a truly sad day for everyone and for this day, we are all Hokies. In a much less important world, here are the news and views.... (1) Tonight was the first visit of Billy Clyde to see Patrick Patterson and all indications are that the visit went well. I did not speak with the Pattersons but spoke with someone who spoke to them and it seems as if Billy Clyde made a good impression. He approached them with a plan on how Patterson would be used during his time at Kentucky, including specific details on how he could be a complete player for the Blue and White. He expressed his desire to make Patterson a cornerstone of his program for years to come and said that the combination of Pat and Jai could be the foundation for a great run for the team. We hope to speak with Patrick tomorrow and may be joined by him on our show later this week. Kentucky and Florida are the two big dogs here, but Donovan and Coach K are coming back for more visits, so this thing is far from over. But all indications are that Billy Clyde got off to a good start tonight. (2) Jai Lucas returned from his Florida visit impressed, but was also scheduled to be met by a the new Kentucky assistant coach Glynn Cyprien in Houston for a visit. Lucas enjoyed his time in Florida, saying that he spent most of his time on the trip with Billy Donovan and that he "made a good impression." Donovan will be returning to Houston tonight in order to follow up and Jai told me that he hopes to make a decision soon after the Roundball Classic. I still like where Kentucky stands on this one, but I do think Florida is a distinct player....going quickly from a non-factor to the co-leader. We will have a full interview with Jai tomorrow during the day, so check back in. (3) I also spoke tonight with the family of former Michigan recruit Alex Legion who asked out of his LOI today and is now looking elsewhere. When reported the news, I talked to an individual claiming to be his father who said that the top three schools were UCONN, UCLA and Michigan (still) for Legion. Since then, Fox Sports has spoken with Legion who says that the final four are UCLA, UCONN, Kentucky and Kansas. Thus it looks like Coach Clyde has a shot at this, although one might surmise that the Bruins and Huskies are the favorites. Bears watching and we hope to have Alex on our show on Wednesday. (4) Lost in the recruiting shuffle was the story today that Billy Clyde has hired two assistant coaches, Jeremy Cox and Glenn Cyprien. Both have reputations as great recruiters and both have already been to work as part of the new Kentucky staff. Cyprien is in Houston with Texas and Cox went with Billy Clyde to Huntington tonight. Lots of talk today about Cyprien and his resume flap during his time at Louisiana-Lafayette. For those of you who havent followed, Cyprien apparently claimed to have graduated from a four-year college that he only attended, and was then dismissed from his position. Opinions vary on this, but I tend to trust Barnhart and Gillispie to know the story better than I do, so I will defer to their opinions. But one thing is clear, Cyprien is a recruiter's recruiter.....and that is focus #1 for the new Kentucky regime. (5) Late word that Arkansas high school star Michael Sanchez, a 6'8" power forward that (depending on who you talk to) is in the class of 07 or 08 (most likely 08 after prepping) has been offered by Kentucky. Arkansas television networks report that Kentucky has offered and is actively recruiting Sanchez. We will let you know more when we can investigate tomorrow. (6) WKYT is reporting tonight that Billy Clyde went and saw Matt Walls of Scott County play on Sunday. Have to think this is for a walk-on role. That is all for now....we will let you know more tomorrow as it happens and give our 10 day Billy Clyde report. Not really up for it now. Woo is on the show tomorrow from 5-7 pm.....he will be taking your phone calls and helping interview Doyel and Bomani. In addition to the prayers for the Virginia Tech folks, we extend our prayers to Cats Pause writer, Mike Brent.....he is going through some difficulties health-wise now and I hope you will join me in extending your prayers to him.

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