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Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
rock_the_vote.jpeg Ok, now it is time for the Kentucky Sports Radio folks to come out in full support. Thanks to a nice reader's (who may be delusional) suggestion, I was nominated for an "Attractive Sports Blogger" bracket at another sports blog (the very funny Ladies Sports Blog. Now of course we know that is silly and the hottest blogger on this here blog is of course Hubby, but now that I am in it....I am in it to win it.....and also show the world that Kentucky Sports Radio can bring the funk in terms of support. In the 88 blogger field, I am in an 11-12 matchup, which according to the rankings is the equivalent of an 8-9 game in the NCAA. Now of course, that means it should be close....but it looks as if I am going up against a guy who is from the very popular "With Leather" blog (which is great) and is a friend of the ladies creating the bracket (which at this point I am not...but you never know....). So I need your help. Click below and cast a vote....even if you dont think I am particularly attractive (although the females know different).....if you do so, the power of Kentucky Sports can be even can take me to a winning promised land..... And yes, I do think it is funny that complete strangers picked a blog about Patrick Patterson and Jai Lucas as a "representative" post of this site....very smart young ladies..... Vote for Kentucky Sports Radio (or Matt)

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