Vote for your favorite Louisville fan of the day

On3 imageby:Drew Franklin01/15/14


We have a friendly competition this morning between two Louisville fans who have no respect for their bodies. We’ll put their unique looks to vote in the comments section and whoever emerges victorious will receive a lifetime of failed job interviews and never-ending laughter wherever they are.

Happy voting. Good luck to both. Let’s get to it…


Up first we have “502 Head,” an oversized mural of blood red filth on the side of the skull. It looks like he went to the airbrushed t-shirt stand in Panama City and laid his head on the counter.

“I’ll take the letter L in Old English, my area code, the fluers-de-lis symbol, and the Louisville Cardinal, please. Extra red if you can.”


Next we have “Cardinal-Bird-Firing-An-AK-47-While-Standing-On-Rick-Pitino’s-Head Leg Tattoo Guy.” We’ve seen his haunting Rick Pitino tattoo before, but I believe it’s the first time we’ve seen his AK-47-toting Cardinal and Denny Crum on the other leg.




So who will it be, folks?


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