Wait till you see what we sell Kentucky Sports Radio for.....

by:Matt Jones10/23/06
Beginning about a year ago, we here at Kentucky Sports Radio decided that we no longer wanted to simply have meaningless conversations at Hubby's house, but we wanted to extend those conversations to the entire world and become part of the internet revolution. It was an odd decision, seeing as how we had no experience in radio, sportscasting or (as everyone who has seen this site can attest) technology. However we jumped in knee deep and here we are.....wherever that is. Since that decision, I have taken a keen interest in people who are able to parlay internet nothingness into success. Be it people who created places to auction junk or sites devoted to simply deciding whether an individual is attractive or not, folks have made money on the internet, even though it isnt always clear why. Thus I was keenly interested when I read that You Tube was recently sold to Google for....get this.....1.6 billion dollars. Yeah thats right, that is billion, not million. Now when you think about it, You Tube is really nothing. It is simply a hosting site for other people's stupid videos. They own no content and exist completely on the work of others. Thus they make money, even though they add virtually no product.....you have to respect that. As I was researching You Tube (we put no stories up here without significant research), I decided to determine what Google paid all that money for. Exactly what is worth 1.6 billion? Thus I found two videos....the first the most popular video EVER on YouTube and the second the most popular video of the last 24 hours on You Tube. Here they are: Now lets analyze what these two videos are. One is a guy essentially doing a long-winded version of the Napoleon Dynamite dance that is possibly slightly amusing but looks like it is being done by the wacky counselor at Bible Camp that is trying to sell the kids on DC Talk. And folks, this is the most watched video EVER in the history of the site. The other video is even more non-sensical. It is nothing but a girl being told she is cute by a doofus lifting weights (and she isnt even that cute). And yet, the first video has been watched by over 34 million people and the second by 200,000 TODAY. Yeah Google, sure looks like you got quite a bargain....

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