Waiting in Vain

Waiting in Vain

John Dubyaover 14 years


Article written by:John DubyaJohn Dubya
longwait.jpg So apparently Jai Lucas is going to announce his collegiate destination this weekend or early next week, and comrade Patrick Patterson may soon follow. To some, this may come as exciting news, as the carousel we’ve been riding with these two has been quite nauseating. Frustration is the automatic sentiment with this whole thing, as the two have toyed with our emotions for far too long. I’ve compared it to taking the dreaded HIV test and having to wait three excruciating weeks for the results (and no, I never have…come on, the Intern ain’t no fool). If that’s too grim for you, then think about getting all worked up over a movie preview, only to find out at the end that it doesn’t come out until next Christmas. Wearisome indeed. These names have haunted my dreams, pillaged my brain, and ravaged my heart. But I’ve moved on…Jai, Pat, I’m so over it. Now, apprehension is setting in, as I struggle with the thought of a KSR without Lucas/Patterson uncertainty. Jai Lucas was first mentioned on this site in this post by Matt dated December 21, 2005. In case you are keeping score at home, that’s a really long freaking time. Nearly 1.5 years later, and the most we’ve gotten out of Lucas is something like “nothing’s really changed, I still like all of my top schools.” Likewise, Patterson was first revealed to this blog in this post by Matt on January 26, 2006. And oh, what exciting transpirations have followed, as evidenced by Patterson’s latest interview in which he said, well, nothing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not (rifling through urban dictionary) player hating; I would love to (flipping pages) lay back in the cut while college coaches brought me the finest wines, meats, and promises of quality playing time for as long as possible. So, to quote (kind of) twentieth century mystic Forrest Gump, “well, you’ve come this far, so, you might as well keep going.” At least then we’ll be able to keep a sense of normalcy around here. I thought I was tired of people asking me about Lucas/Patterson everywhere I went, but now I fear that nobody will have a reason to ask me anything anymore (seriously, I’ve never had to take the HIV exam). “Is that the Intern dude?” “Yeah, we should ask him if he has the scoop on Lucas.” “Dude, Lucas already committed to [state U] today.” “Oh…well, let’s go pour a drink on him.” So commit if you will Jai, Pat (I’ve been trying to come up with a catchy combo name like “Brangelina” but it’s just not there). I guess even Sleeping Beauty had to find her a Knight eventually. But just remember that once you sign the dotted line, and I’m sure they’ll be very slow, methodical signatures, there’s no going back…and, there may be nothing to write about.

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