Wake Forest radio host mocks KSR, BBN: "I think that we could do their radio show better than they could."

Maggie Davis05/06/20


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Does the BBN have a new rival? The Wake Forest basketball program and radio host Josh Graham have suddenly found themselves at the top of the list. Let's rewind to Tuesday, when Graham had new Wake Forest head coach Steve Forbes on his podcast, The Drive. Forbes questioned why Sarr would want to "put all that time in for a prestigious degree" at Wake Forest, only to end up graduating from "a place like Kentucky?" The question quickly caught fire on social media, and UK figures like Vince Marrow and Erin Calipari even weighed in on the disrespect. The KSR crew decided to discuss the remarks on Wednesday's radio show. By Wednesday evening, Graham had already fired back at the BBN. The radio host said Kentucky Sports Radio was "losing its mind" over the comments, and he repeatedly called the BBN "the most obnoxious" fan base. His reasoning? "They act like they're the very best, but there is nothing, nothing I could say that they're the very best at. You're not the best at anything," Graham said. "Yes, you're a blue blood, but you're easily the fourth best of the blue bloods. Give me Duke, give me Carolina, give me UCLA," he added later in the show. Eventually, Graham narrows in on KSR, calling Matt Jones "the foremost authority of the state of Kentucky" (true) and a native of Duke, North Carolina (not true). Facts are optional, right? [audio m4a="https://kentuckysportsradio.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/JoshGraham2.m4a"][/audio] "Control your own damn show, dawg. What are we doing here? If you're going to take shots at Wake Forrest, at least come correct. No one is confusing your radio show with anything other than some guys hanging together in Kentucky. Some slap-words I can't say on the radio, Graham said. "I think that we could do their radio show better than they could." Then, they tried. Oh, did they try. The co-hosts spent the next few minutes mocking the state of Kentucky, complete with dueling banjos, fake country accents, a line about toothpaste, a worn-out joke about marrying your sister and even the phrase "possum biscuit."

What would Kentucky Sports Radio sound like if they were in control? Take a listen:

[audio m4a="https://kentuckysportsradio.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/JoshGraham3.m4a"][/audio]   https://twitter.com/KySportsRadio/status/1258178004796215304 Graham also had a challenge for Kentucky's fanbase: "Who's the best Kentucky Wildcat to ever play in that program? I guarantee you won't find a guy who's in the top-20 or top-30 of the history of college basketball. Wake Forrest, I know I have one. I might have two," Graham said. "I'll take Tim Duncan over any Kentucky Wildcat who's ever played. I'll take Chris Paul... over any guard Kentucky has ever had. If I'm wrong, come at me." https://twitter.com/JoshGrahamRadio/status/1258052785481883648 He even came out swinging at Rupp Arena: "Rupp Arena is attached to a damn shopping mall. Did you know that? I went there expecting to see this great basketball arena, and what I saw was a shopping mall that you could potentially get some nice antiques from," Graham said. "While you're there, maybe you could watch some basketball. That's Kentucky." The host was also careful to shoutout all of UK's esteemed graduates, including Ashley Judd (true), Drake (who went to school in Canada) and Mitch McConnell (who graduated from the University of Louisville). For someone who tried to roast KSR for not having all of the facts straight about a game from the 1990s, this guy really didn't do his homework. Here's the beginning of the show, where Graham discusses the original comments, says Olivier Sarr is taking "an incredible risk" with the Wildcats and calls Kentucky the "most-obnoxious" fan base. You can also listen to the hour-long podcast by clicking here. [audio m4a="https://kentuckysportsradio.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/JoshGraham1.m4a"][/audio]

Tune into KSR tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. It's sure to be a good one.

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