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[caption id="attachment_198803" align="alignnone" width="799"]A Derby depiction from Leroy Neiman. A Derby depiction from Leroy Neiman.[/caption] #DontGeek It's been an early morning in the bluegrass.  Unfortunately, it's too soggy for Derby fans to chase balloons around town, but it's not too wet to run miles, and miles, and miles, and more miles.   My friends have been preparing since 3:30 for the mini-marathon.  Not to run the race, but to drink and cheer on the runners.  "If you're still running, we're still drinking." is their motto.  Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Thompson are some of the people still running, taking on the half-marathon in Nashville.  Even though inclement weather has caused them a delay or two, they ain't afraid of no rain. ty'

The NFL Draft Comes to a Close

Will a Kentucky player hear their name called?  I'm saying there's a chance, but it appears to be a slim one.  Even if they don't get their name called in the draft, there are seven former Wildcats that should find out where they get their shot today.  Freddie Maggard has details on all of their different situations and where they stand.  For those who just plan on watching the spectacle, Day Three of the NFL Draft begins at noon.

Jamal Murray and Tyler Ulis are on Signing Tours

You can find Jamal at the E-Town Mall from 12-2:00 and at the Simpsonville Outlet Mall from 4:00-6:00.  He'll make his way to Northern Kentucky tomorrow at the Kentucky Show in Florence from Noon-4:00. Mr. Ulis is taking today and tomorrow off, but will be at the Holy Family School in Ashland on Monday from 6:00-8:00.

No KSR Show? No Problem

In order to get your weekend fix of KSR, a new episode of The Matt Jones Podcast dropped last night.  The weekend edition was a bit of a surprise, but I know you'll enjoy it.  Booger McFarland is a straight-shooter, and Jen Smith addresses some things that'll make you stop and think. Jen puts the women's basketball "upheaval" into context, but I think she's even better talking Kentucky football.  Especially when it comes to the "divide" in the locker room last year.  I hadn't thought about it until now, but she's right.  When Mikel Horton's quote about "coming together, blah, blah blah" people freaked out, yet when you heard it within the context of what he was saying, it really wasn't that big of a deal.  It's something I may have thought about at the time, but  it took listening to the podcast to shake my brain cells into recollection. It's an episode you don't want to miss.

New Music Recs

And I'm not talking about Views or whatever the hell Rihanna is doing with Calvin Harris.  I'm talking about new beats from some Kentucky's finest.  Let's just say, "I know a guy" (or two).  The new releases bring the funk.  My cousin, Justin Paul Lewis, goes the bluesy route with some brass in Every Little Thing.  My buddy, Dr. Dundiff, takes his funk towards the R&B side of things with Otis Jr. in 1Moment2Another.  The only Views I'm worried about are ones from Drew Franklin. views Not too shabby.

Johnny Manzeil got into a Twitter "Fight" with Shooter McGavin

I wouldn't call it a fight.  It was more of a glorious back and forth between a former football great and a fictitious villain from arguably Sandler's best movie.  The GIF's are too great.  If you aren't following @ShooterMcGavin_ already, now is the time.

The NBA Playoffs Start Getting Interesting

Watching the first round was tough at times, but finally we've got a matchup worth watching.  KD and Mr. Triple-Double travel to San Antonio tonight at 8:30 on TNT.  If you're a casual fan, you've finally found a series that will entertain you from start to finish.

R.I.P. Ed Davender

After struggling to stay alive all week from a massive heart attack, the former UK point guard passed away Friday evening.  He was 49.  Davender finished his career in 1988 and is currently 11th on the all-time scoring list, eighth in steals.  He will be missed by the BBN.  For more on Davender's life and death, click here. https://twitter.com/rexchapman/status/726206539497922560 w

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