Wall Street Journal: "Why We Should All Root For Kentucky"

Wall Street Journal: "Why We Should All Root For Kentucky"

Drew Franklinover 6 years


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USATSI_8483547_154849602_lowres Erik Reece over at the Wall-Street Journal wrote a little something today to get college basketball fans on board with the Cats. "Why We Should All Root For Kentucky," he called it, explaining, well, why everyone should root for Kentucky. It even includes a little shout-out to your boy Matt Jones:
A couple of years ago, the local sports radio guru, Matt Jones, came up with this prescient take on the historical trajectory of UK basketball coaches: they go from great, to good, to drunk. Witness: Adolph Rupp (great), Joe B. Hall (good), Eddie Sutton (rehab). Then: Rick Pitino (great), Tubby Smith (good), Billy Gillispie (rehab). The point being, now we’re back to great and we want to soak it in while it lasts.
Although Matt uses "drunk," not "rehab." Same thing I guess. Take a second to give Erik's work a read over at WSJ.com.

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