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wall_yall1 So hot on the heels of a big victory over Louisville, what do you want? Well if you are like any fans I know, you want a shirt that you can have to commemorate this special team. Recently we did a podcast at UK Fan Outfitters and I saw the above shirt hanging in the store. I said that we had to get that out to the KSR readers and now you can BUY the "Wall Y'all t-shirt by clicking on this link. UK Fan Outfitters i the ONLY place you can get the shirt that celebrates the best player in America and gives you a chance to combine a little Kentucky talk with the future #1 pick. Plus, when you buy the shirt you help us keep KSR as the top FREE site for UK news in the most ridiculous manner possible. So click the link above, get one of the shirts (which are made with high quality) and support Wall, UK and KSR in the process. To the news: (1): It was a day for fans to chatter on the internet and on the streets as the arguments about the game were everywhere in the Commonwealth. Most of the conversation centered around the first minute and whether Demarcus Cousins should or should not have been kicked out of the game. I wrote extensively earlier on the subject, but in general the argument breaks down to (a) how egregious you found the elbow and (b) whether you think context matters. It is clear that the game was wild even before it began and the Swopshire knee, followed by the Cousins elbow, culminated the early festivities. If you watch the Channel 36 report on the game below, you can see the plays in question, and see what Cousins had to say about Swopshire after the game. I havent seen the comment anywhere else and it certainly made me laugh when he responded to one of my questions with the answer. (2): The other big storyline is the debate over what Calipari did or didnt say to Reginald Delk during the furor ten seconds into the game. If one watches the video of the proceedings, it looks as if Calipari says to Delk that Bledsoe will "kick your ass after the game" and that he messed with the "wrong guy." Gary Parrish wrote extensively about the moment today and noted (after KSR fan Ukandrew pointed it out to him) that it is conceivable that he was saying that to the referee as an explanation of what Delk may have said to Bledsoe. After some conversations with folks around the area, I think it is probably safe to say that Calipari did talk to Delk and that the first scenario is much closer to the truth. Calipari was likely upset with the early trash talking and he let Delk know that Bledsoe is probably the wrong person to be messing with on the UK team. While it might be nice to suggest the comment was for the referee, it was probably for Delk and showcases just how intense those moments were. (3): Its also easy to forget that today was the ESPN Outside the Lines piece on Calipari and his roster moves during the offseason. Some of the piece can be seen at this link and gives you some insight as to how the show went. Ultimately it wasnt really a hit job at all. The moves were highlighted and then Andy Katz came on and explained why those moves were made. AJ Stewart's grades, Kevin Galloway's history of transfers and Matt Pilgrim's immediate eligibility were all brought up and Katz basically summarized by saying that Calipari was not brought to UK to "coach Gillispie's recruiting mistakes." Overall a fair piece and one that shouldnt offend UK fans too much. (4): CNNSI writer Grant Wahl twittered out today that John Wall had a 3.4 GPA first semester, which was the highest on the team of the starters. In addition, Wall plans on taking a full 15 hour course load again this Spring, thus cancelling out the argument of the Bobby Knights of the world who suggested he would take no classes second semester. We have known for some time that Wall was taking his academics seriously, even though he realistically doesnt need to, and it showcases again just what a fine kid he is, in addition to his basketball talent. (5): Still no word yet from Rich Brooks, although the day that seems to be whispered about around the media circles is Tuesday for an official decision. We shall see. (6): And finally, the great Red Lobster controversy of 2010 may finally be over. If you listen to this week's podcast, we fill you on some details, but Calipari tweeted out tonight that the team went to Red Lobster (picture below) and now the earlier tweet by him when they were "refused" services may be fixed. The KSR crew also went to Red Lobster post-podcast and we can report that the cheesy biscuits are still great. redlobster Three things of note today: --- Podcast will be released at NOON. In it we talk to Gary Parrish, Jeff Goodman, Kenny Walker and we go off on the no-show of Andy Katz....it is good listening. --- I will be on Terry Meiners Show on WHAS 840 AM at 4:00 pm today to talk about the UK-UL aftermath. --- And we would like to announce two changes to the KSR Staff. First, Fake Gimel is leaving KSR to go do other things. We thank Fake for his nearly 18 months writing on the site and for what a good job he has done during that time. He has been a valuable member during that time and we appreciate his role in being an important part of the site during its substantial growth period. We wish him well on what ever he decides to pursue going forward. Taking over his spot here at KSR will be Kate Martin, who will go from writing once a week to becoming a full KSR staffer and posting full time. Kate has been great from day one and we are glad to become a solid member of the group. Ok, thats all for now...watch for the podcast and taunt a UL fan if you can.

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