Wanna Know What KSR Hatemail Looks Like

Matt Jonesover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
anger I get around 125 emails a day. I enjoy reading almost all of them and people sending in their stories and pictures is part of what makes this blog great. But we do get our share of hatemail as well and usually it is (a) misspelled (b) full of anger and (c) wildly entertaining in its awfulness. Take this email today from "Chris Carter", whose name I am not protecting but whose email address I will mercifully leave off: I am just going to get right to it...your blog is a joke! You have individuals writing for u that know absolutely nothing about sports! To quote one of my now deceased friends..."where did you play?" This Beisner character had the audacity to question why liggins not only took the last shot, but why he was even in the game. That is one of the dumbest comments of all time...unless of course u know nothing about basketball which is pretty obvious. Matt...you need to get control of your "pets" quickly...I would boot the majority of them if it were me. The only people that bring any news or writes anything worth reading is Gidel and Dustin. The rest: Matt - unathletic egomaniac! Beisner - clueless Bryan the Intern - by far the worst and brings absolutely nothing to the table Kate - chicks can't write about sports I could go on but it would be the same stuff...not good! You should rethink who writes for you before your site loses what little credibility it has left. Chris has a number of errors in his comments, but the most egregious is this: we have no credibility left to lose! Doesnt Chris understand that when Beisner suggests that Deandre Liggins, who was 1-7 at the time, taking the last shot on a fallaway from behind the backboard when there are 4 NBA Lottery picks also on the floor, may not have been the best decision, he has no credibility at all? We all know that we have no knowledge on any subject and it is our distinct lack of ability that is shown everyday by the unread wasteland that this site has become. So Chris Carter, Congrats! You have let the truth out and burned us good. Now we extend an invitation to you to write a post and allow the masses to dissect it in the comment section. Send it to [email protected] and I promise I will publish it. I am sure it will be great and adored by all, showcasing the talent and expertise that you most certainly have. And yes, BTI does suck.

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