WATCH: Kentucky Football's Afternoon at Charlotte Motor Speedway
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Kentucky Wildcats

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WATCH: Kentucky Football's Afternoon at Charlotte Motor Speedway

Nick Roushalmost 2 years


Article written by:Nick RoushNick Roush


[caption id="attachment_277897" align="alignnone" width="1200"] UK Athletics[/caption] The Kentucky football team burnt rubber Saturday afternoon at Charlotte Motor Speedway. The Wildcats' premiere Belk Bowl outing was a NASCAR experience at the speedway. Players took turns hopping in the cockpit for three laps around the track at 160 mph. The most entertaining part for bystanders was watching the big guys hop in and out of the tiny cockpit. The 6'9" Calvin Taylor Jr. was a little bit smoother than big Bully McCall. Once they got inside the ride, the players' facial expressions were priceless going around every turn. Kash Daniel channeled his inner-Dale Earnhardt for the occasion. #RaiseHellPraiseDale Not everyone was anxious to hop in the car. Lynn Bowden is fast on his own two feet, but he prefers avoiding high speeds in cars and on roller coasters. It wasn't all fun and games either. When Kentucky and Virginia Tech ran into each other going in and out of the track, words were exchanged. The minor altercation never escalated to blows. It was a nice reminder that the pregame activities are fun, but the only thing that really matters in Charlotte is what happens between the white lines on New Year's Eve.

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