Play of the Day: Ref helps UK defense make a tackle

Drew Franklin10 months


Aritcle written by:Drew FranklinDrew Franklin


Alabama running back Najee Harris earned over six yards per carry against Kentucky's defense with two rushing scores in the Crimson Tide's blowout of the Cats on Saturday. Harris could've gone for even more yards, if not for a big stop in space by a member of the game's officiating crew. UK cornerback Brandin Echols pulled the referee into the play to split a tackle, then the ref got pinballed around by Marquan McCall and others. The Cats were quick to help him up and make sure he was OK, which is kind. He popped up like it wasn't the first time he's been in a scuffle. With that mustache maybe he should've checked on all of the players he hit.

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