WATCH: SEC Network predicts remainder of Kentucky's schedule

WATCH: SEC Network predicts remainder of Kentucky's schedule

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How will the Cats fare the rest of the season? The “Thinking Out Loud” crew on the SEC Network broke down Kentucky’s remaining games last night and Marcus Spears said he thinks the only team left on the schedule capable of beating the Cats is Georgia.

“Nothing about the way Kentucky has played has told me they’re not better than Vanderbilt, Missouri, Tennessee, Middle Tennessee and Louisville. Nothing that they’ve done. They just went into Kyle Field and pushed Texas A&M to the brink. This is a really good football team.”

The dates are wrong on this graphic, but here are Kentucky’s chances to win from ESPN’s Football Power Index:

Greg McElroy has Kentucky losing to Georgia and Missouri, but Spears said Kentucky’s defense, particularly Josh Allen, will contain the Tigers.

“Drew Lock wanna drop back 50 times? Forty-one is going to be a problem in that game. All of those things lead me to believe Kentucky’s going to finish the season 10-2.”


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