WATCH: Terrence Clarke shows off 60-inch Vertical

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[caption id="attachment_303691" align="alignnone" width="1440"] Matthew J. Lee | Boston Globe[/caption] Terrence Clarke does things normal humans should not be able to do. The future Kentucky Wildcat is one of the best basketball players in America. Before setting foot on campus, he's working on his game by playing in open runs (the new term we use for 'open gym') and working out on the West Coast with his future teammates, Devin Askew and B.J. Boston. Sharing a trainer with Tyrese Maxey, in Clarke's latest workout the small forward proved he has bounce. The 6-foot-7 athlete stared down a 60-inch platform. Clarke took two steps then leapt five feet into the air to complete the box jump. Even he was shocked he jumped that high. "That's crazy," Clarke said. "I gotta see that back."
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Clarke is correct. That was crazy. Enjoy more of his crazy, high-flying antics.  

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