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Kash Daniel didn’t bash Dr. Peppers ala Stone Cold Steve Austin, but he still stole the show at SEC Media Days. With his hair pulled back in a half ponytail and a House of Stark pin on his lapel, Kash ruled the room like the King of the North, dropping soundbites left and right. Here’s a roundup of Kash’s most entertaining moments in Hoover:

“To take my job? You better have to kill me. That’s about the only way you’re gonna get it.”

A classic Kash response when asked what he would tell players who want to take his job someday.

“Oh man, I took you fishing and everything.”

— Kash to Peter Burns after Burns said he doesn’t think Kentucky will be as good as they were last year

“It’d be kind of hard to tell Vince McMahon no.”

— Kash on whether or not professional wrestling is in his future

“Jared was Kentucky before I had a guess of what Kentucky was.”

— Kash on what Jared Lorenzen meant to football players growing up in Kentucky

“Google is a scary machine”

— Kash on researching his opponents for trash talking purposes

“This ain’t gonna be one of them things where I gotta point y’all out?”

— Kash to reporters (video by Hit That Line)

“Kavosiey’s like a little bowling ball, man. He runs hard and he runs fast, and when he hits you, you’re going to feel it.”

— Kash on running back Kavosiey Smoke (video by Hit That Line)

“It’s just a head-on collision like two rams butting each other”

— Kash on what it’s like to go against Logan Stenberg in practice (video by Hit That Line)

“Nobody wants to see us win…everybody always wants us to lose besides my man Paul Finebaum. He picks us every once in a while. So, shoutout to Paul.”

— Kash on the program’s doubters (video by The Herald Leader)

Kash is right; Paul is high on the Cats this season:

“I’ve got my Mane ‘n Tail, so we’ll see if the hair can get out of the helmet by week four”

— Kash on growing his hair out (video by The Herald Leader)

As Mark Stoops said, Kash is a Commonwealth treasure.

“You know, Kash is — what you love about Kash is what you see is what you get. He’s a guy that’s very passionate about things, and you got to love that. He’s passionate about being from Kentucky, being from eastern Kentucky and having a tough blue-collar background that I can certainly relate to.”


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