Randall Cobb announces he's heading to the NFL
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Randall Cobb announces he's heading to the NFL

Thomas Beisneralmost 11 years


Article written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
randall-cobb-nfl In a press conference to announce his entry to the NFL Draft, Randall Cobb broke down a few times as he talked about how much it meant to realize his dream and how special three years at Kentucky were for him. He said he agonized over the decision, but ultimately decided to go pro after praying about it following the Compass Bowl and had this little note to Kentucky fans:
“I love ya’ll. Thank you for everything. I hope that in some way shape or form, I was able to influence you or inspire you. For all the kids, I hope you always keep your dreams. Always, always keep pushing after them and let no one stop you.”
If you didn't love him like family before, you surely will now after hearing what he said. A few more notes:  - Randall Cobb opened his press conference by talking about his high school career and how proud he was to be a part of the Alcoa tradition before saying that he was told by one major D-1 coach that he could not play at that level.  He then went in to how he was rushed the field when Andre Woodson hit Steve Johnson against Louisville and how he always knew that Lexington felt like home and he couldn't wait to be a part of the UK family, even when Tennessee came calling at the end of his senior year.  - Cobb then thanked the coaches (Phillips, Sanders and Brooks by name), the administrators and the fans before offering gratituted to his teammates, for whom Cobb said none of this would be possible without them.  He said Tee Martin is like his big brother and coaches him to  be a better man.  He said that what he will miss the most is the UK locker room and all the relationships and memories that came from being a part of that group.   - When speaking to how tough this decision was to make, Cobb said that he consulted with former Cats in the NFL and they all advised him to leave the emotions out of the decision.  He said that the favorable feedback from the league, as well as a chance to reach a dream he remembers laying in bed as a four-year old and wishing for, convinced him it was time to go.  - Cobb also mentioned that he was initially frustrated when he moved from quarterback to wide receiver, but he knows it was the right move.  He acknowledged that the change is what got him to this point and he kept telling himself as he tried to learn to be a wideout.  - When told that Joker Phillips said he has the "it" that you can't coach, Cobb said his "it" factor is his faith.  Cobb said that he "has something inside of me that makes me want to be the best not only for myself, but for those around me."   - Along that same line, his faith was a strong component of the press conference as he said he prayed about the decision and spoke several times about "being a blessing" to those around him.  That means teammates and fans and Cobb says that he hopes he's been able to inspire those who have watched him play to chase their dreams.  - Throughout the conference, he talked about how players come and go through the program and he's confident that Joker Phillips will continue to bring in athletes who can help take UK to the next level.  And he plans on remaining a fan.  Cobb said, "I will continue to represent this University of the best of my ability and will continue to wear my blue and white."  Hard not to get emotional about that.  - Cobb said that the feedback that he got from the NFL is that he is projected as a third-round prospect.  He has been told by others that he could go anywhere from 2nd-4th, but the direct feedback is third.  He also added that he researched the potential labor situation and is aware of it, but he is willing to take that risk right now.  - When asked what player he would compare himself to, Cobb responded with Wes Welker and elaborated by saying he thinks he's a guy who can line up in the slot and return kicks.  However, he's optimistic that through hard work he can develop into an outside receiver.  - Before he finished, Cobb also added that the first thing he'll do is get his degree.  He cited a promise to his mother and his father, as well as his grandmother, to earn his diploma and he's going to set aside money to do so.

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