Watch This Show!!!

by:Matt Jones10/17/06
For the third consecutive week, I spent part of my Tuesday night watching "Friday Night Lights" and it is time that you do the same as well. I fully admit to not only being skeptical of the show initially, but having a predisposition to hating it. I assumed, as I am sure many of you did, that it would be nothing but "Varsity Blues" all over again, but without a lot of the good stuff due to its home on crappy network television. And to be honest, that was how it was sold to America as well. While no commercial for the show had a James VanDerbeek character saying "I DONT WANT YOUR LIFE!!!"", you just kind of knew it had to be awful. Thus I wanted to skip all of the episodes and I wished the show a premature death. But nevertheless, the night that it premiered, I read a good review in the New York Times and decided to give it a shot. That was a great decision. Like "How I Met Your Mother" and "The Wire", both shows that I was predisposed to not liking but have begun to regard as two of the best on television (and in the case of the Wire maybe one of the best ever), "Friday Night Lights" has won me over.....and not in a "Beverly Hills 90210, oh its terrible but I still am addicted way." Rather Friday Night Lights is good on its own merits. The scripts are well-written, the storylines intriguing and maybe most surprisingly, the topics are dealt with in-depth. When the star quarterback becomes paralyzed, the town deals with the influx of a Katrina victim family and high school football recruiting are all dealt with on the same show, intelligently, you have got something good. Unfortunately, it seems like only I and a few others agree. Ratings for the show are low and falling and rumors persist that it may not see the end of the month. Thus I will do my little part to fight. Try it out next Tuesday.....I promise you will like it......and if you dont, well then your next recruiting update is free. ;)

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