WATCH: Which Kentucky player has the most Attitude Points?

WATCH: Which Kentucky player has the most Attitude Points?

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonabout 3 years


This Kentucky team has already demonstrated a tendency to talk trash to their opponents. Today, John Calipari said he doesn’t want his players to give the other team any additional motivation, so he’s giving “attitude points” to the players who do the most jawing in practice.

“I have a team that talks — I want a team to talk. Like the biggest issue we have, they don’t talk enough. The problem is when they talk at the other team, that’s a problem. That’s an attitude.

“So we have a couple guys that start competing, and then they start jawing at each other. They start sassing, as you would say. So now we have attitude points. So if they’re competing and the score is 12-9 and Keldon scores and then starts to chest bump, boop, attitude point, the other team. Now it’s 13-10, and we keep playing. So we have attitude points this year.

“My job is every year to try — what is this team, what do they need from me. So to get them — I want them to talk to each other. I just don’t want them to talk to the opponent. Leave them alone. Very good question. I gave up trade secrets, though (laughter).”

Off the bat, I bet you could guess who the biggest offenders are; regardless, I went around and asked.


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