We Are Two Weeks from CANADA!

Matt Jonesabout 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
canda We are just a mere two weeks away from Kentucky's venture into the great unknown, "Detroit White, aka Windsor, Canada as the Cats begin their (sort of) foreign tour across the nation of Canada. It is a somewhat hilarious trip in many ways...you get to take a foreign trip every four years, and Kentucky goes to a place so far South in Canada, that it is almost like still being in the United States. The Cats get ten full practices in preparation and UK fans can swarm the games and create mini-Rupp Arenas across the border. It is almost too good to be true. As we get ready for Canada, there will be a lot to learn about the country. For instance, some police there are known as "Mounties", and one of their representatives was once a WWF Intercontinental Champion, who "always got his man." Plus in Canada, people live longer, things cost more, there are few murders, the women are not as attractive, lot of comedians call it home, hockey is the national topic and French people in Quebec want to secede. It can all get very confusing. The KSR crew is going to Canada, with me, Turkey Hunter, Beisner, Drew Franklin, Hubby and Tall (the "5th Beatle" of KSR) hoping to get clearance to go across the border and my hope is that it will be as exciting as the last time I went, which was early in KSR's existence, as we shared the city of Winnipeg with the Dixie Chicks and judged a beauty contest in Saskatchewan. The bottom line is, Canada is fun and you really should go if you can. The games are Aug 15-17 and will be a great chance to see the Cats up close, in a venue that is not too large. The games will be on tv in Kentucky and on the UK radio network, but seeing them live in a foreign country, with the mystigue, intrigue and danger of Canada....well you just cant beat it. We plan podcasts every day of the trip, live blogs of the games and pictures galore. You should come join us if you can...if not, just set your calendar. And oh yeah, I will be doing a LIVE BLOG about the Sypher trial and UK basketball practice tonight at 8 pm. Make sure and stop by.

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