"We Ask You Wednesday (on a Thursday)" Vol. 41

Ally Tuckerover 6 years


Aritcle written by:Ally TuckerAlly Tucker
  The season is sadly now over, and the folks here at KSR love getting your input on things… relevant and bizarre. We have to get a little creative around here sometimes. Last summer I started a weekly series called “We Ask You Wednesdays,” that brought in some great responses from many readers via Twitter. Each week, the question will change and we will hit on a variety of topics, mostly UK-related… but you never know. Each week the best responses will make it on to the website.  This week’s twenty ninth volume of the “We Ask You Wednesday” allowed Kentucky fans to answer the following question via Twitter in 140 characters or less:  WHICH UK-RELATED DECISION (STAYING, LEAVING, COMMITTING) IN ANY SPORT HAS MADE YOU THE MOST NERVOUS AND WHY? . . . The wait for John Wall was the beginning of the drama building toward the end of signing period commitments in the Cal era... I would argue that Willie and the Twins' decisions to return were some of the best because it was so unexpected/unknown...And SO crucial It's a little scary to think about what 2013 would have been WITHOUT Nerlens at all... That was a bit of a pleasant surprise... 1 for 2... not bad The door... #NeverForget Sometimes I forgot that Terrence Jones was almost not a Cat... BEST ANSWER OF THE WEEK: I finalllllly feel a bit more secure about this whole situation... but the past few years

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