We May see LSU-West Virginia again....
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We May see LSU-West Virginia again....

Matt Jonesabout 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
project-100-009.jpeg Trying to find two teams to play in the national championship game in college football this year has been a little like going to Rocbar in Louisville and looking for a really hot woman. While from afar everyone has potential and you convince yourself that it is someone worth getting excited about, once you get up close and look in depth, the reality of the individual's mediocrity is confirmed. This weekend saw us lose Oregon and Oklahoma from the mix, both of which lost their quarterback during the game and proved just how fragile success is in a parity-driven year in college football. Oregon and Oklahoma join Ohio State, Cal, USC and others as teams who blew their chances and put the national title up for grabs among all the slew of 1 loss teams with obvious holes in their squads. We are now left with a game this week between Kansas and Missouri that exactly NO ONE thought would matter even just a couple of months ago, as Playoff game 1 in the national championship "bracket." The winner goes on to play Texas or Oklahoma and has the potential (key word here is potential) to go to the national title game. While an undefeated Kansas team is in, a 1 loss Missouri team might get passed over, thus it is likely that the only team certain to make the national championship out of the Big 12 is Kansas....and they must win two straight.....which they wont. What Kansas has done is remarkable.....but you know as well as I do that teams like Kansas dont make the national championship game....karma doesnt allow it. It is freakin KANSAS after all. So they will lose and leave us with a national title game of...... LSU vs West Virginia If you were honest with yourself earlier this year, you likely would have said that these two teams (along with USC) represented the best teams in college football. And now when the dust has settled, not only is McCavity not there, but West Virginia and LSU are. What is interesting is that both teams have had their close calls and both teams have been somewhat disappointing at times. But both only have one loss and it is to a good, but flawed team on the road (Cats and South Florida). Both are filled with talent and when they look good, they look great. So both "deserve" the national title game.....certainly more than a 1 loss Missouri team or (please no) a 1 loss Ohio State team. In a year of college football randomness, in the end we will be back where we started......two of the three best in the preseason for the title....not so random after all.

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