We Now Hate the Indiana Pacers

We Now Hate the Indiana Pacers

Matt Jonesalmost 11 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
pacers Tonight the LA Clippers are on the road (and likely losing) to the Indiana Pacers in Indianapolis. There was a time I considered going to this game, but ended up not making the trip, thus missing the return of Eric Bledsoe to the area. Before the game, a reader was given the sheet above, which includes Indiana Pacers' chants that are to be yelled at the opposing teams' players. And of course the Pacers' witty writers (likely on sabbatical from the Herald Leader) came up with the chant of "Grade Changed" as a way to get it at Bledsoe if necessary. I have been to a number of pro games and am not sure I have ever actually heard a chant begin. When I was at Duke, they would always give the students these sheets before games, but the jokes written were so lame that even BTI mocked their inclusion. So I am not sure how much Eric Bledsoe may have heard this chant tonight in Indy...but now we have another reason to hate the Pacers beyond the fact that Tyler Hansborough plays for them.

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