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 cousins-wall-uk Since we'll likely only have them for a year, we have to take every opportunity we can to bask in the glory that surrounds freshmen John Wall and Demarcus Cousins. Most everyone knew coming into the season that Wall was going to be special, but Cousins is also racking up one heck of a season thus far. Both players are on track to break some long-standing individual class records. I thought I'd take a minute to check on their pace: UK Freshman Records 1. Freshman points (season): Leader: Rex Chapman (464 pts) Currently: Wall #8 (325 pts), projection: 513 (based on 17 ppg) Cousins #10 (319 pts), projection: 494 (based on 15 ppg) 2. Freshman rebounds (season): Leader: Chris Mills (277 rebounds) Currently: Cousins #5 (193), projection: 303 (based on 10 rpg) 3. Freshman assists (season): Leader: John Wall/Dirk Minniefield (126), projection: 192 (based on 6 apg) 4. Freshman steals (season): Leader: Rajon Rondo (87 steals) Currently: Wall #5 (39), projection: 61 (based on 2 steals/game)-would place him at #2 5. Freshman blocked shots (season): Leader: Jamal Magloire (79 bs) Currently: Cousins #3 (37), projection: 60 (based on 2 bs/game)-would place him to stay at #3 6. Freshman Field Goals (season) Leader: Chris Mills (180 fg) Currently: Cousins #11 (117), projection: 183 (based on 6 fg/game) 7. Freshman Forearm shivers (season) Leader: Jamal Magloire (5 shivers) Currently: Cousins #3 (1.5), projection: 5 (based on .25/game) This recruiting class has been hyped like no other, but obviously its living up to the hooplah. I would really challenge anyone to come up with another season where two (really three, since I left Bledsoe out and he's in the running to break a few himself) freshmen will probably break this many single season records. And to do it at a place where talented newcomers haven't exactly been scarce is the most impressive thing about it.

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